PC Control Center

In view of the fact that there are many YINGCHI TMS devices in the hospital, in order to reduce the time and operation cost of clinicians and reduce the waiting time of patients, YINGCHI launched a central workstation service platform. The purpose of this service platform is to realize information sharing within the patient's local area network, provide comprehensive management functions for medical information, and provide big data support for scientific research. 

This platform supports one-to-many remote control. The number of devices allowed to be accessed by the TMS workstation software is 40 by default (the maximum can be expanded to 200).


Data Sharing

  • It can share data in a secure manner through seamless connection to the HIS system and encrypted data transmission.
  • It is possible for remote prescription in order to easily realize remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by experts.

Intelligent Registration

  • Add patients to the queue to be stimulated by scanning the registration code, entering the medical record number, and selecting from the patient list.
  • Patients in the list can be manually reordered or moved to other queues.

Information Management

  • Efficiently manage of patient files and protocol data, and support the generation of custom templates
  • Equipment monitoring can be used to grasp the real-time equipment working status
  • Video surveillance, real-time monitoring of on-site patient status


  • According to the user's own operating habits, some options can be customized in order to fulfill more convenient, fast and friendly operation.

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