Sham TMS

Advanced Double-blinded Research

YINGCHI Sham TMS System helps reduce the interference of traditional "placebo effect" on the accuracy of results, which is an optimized overall solution to placebo-controlled studies. The experimental operation and sensory effects of sham TMS and active TMS are kept almost identical in order to achieve a truly randomized, double-blinded studies. It can meet the requirements for accuracy, reliability and consistency of results in clinical and scientific research. It can combine with a 3D navigation system to further improve the repeatability of research.


Intelligent Switching Between Active/Sham Stimulation
The Interface Module (IFM) controls the connection of the active or sham coil to the stimulator. The operation is done by inserting a smart card (IFM Card) in the IFM. Based on the information on the card, IFM controls the electronic switch that connects the active and sham coils to the stimulator and connects the correct coils. This approach ensures that both the operator and the patient are sufficiently blinded.

Identical Appearance, Different Modes
This IFM card have two types according to the built-in data: active stimulation card and sham stimulation card. There is no difference in the appearance of the two cards. The experiment designer entrusts the operator to randomly assign the stimulation card. Neither the subjects nor the operator know the type of the card in order to achieve true random allocation.

Intelligent Switching Between Active/Sham Stimulation

Advanced Sham Coils
->Single-blinded coil: no need IFM machine. One side is active stimulation, another side is sham stimulation. Only the patient is blinded.
->Double-blinded coil: active/sham stimulation on same Side of coil. There is no need to adjust the coil position or change the side of the coil. For the sound intensity, rhythm, and vibration are kept the same as the real stimulation. By realizing real and sham stimulation on one side, it is ensured that the operator and the subject are unaware of the stimulation mode.
YINGCHI placebo coils are available in two types: circular and figure 8. With intelligent liquid cooling technology, both the service life of the coil and the safety of the subjects can be fully ensured.

Advanced Sham Coils

Intelligent Data Analysis
The IFM data analysis software is used with the IFM card reader. After reading the stimulation card, the data can be sorted, and it can be used in conjunction with the YINGCHI TMS stimulation recording system.

Intelligent Data Analysis


Cognitive Neuroscience
Assist in assessing the effect of TMS on learning ability, memory, language ability, hearing, vision, sensory and functional connection.

Assist in assessing the effect of TMS on specific brain function improvements in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Assist in evaluating the effects of TMS on central and peripheral nerve stimulation.

Assist in evaluating the effect of TMS in the recovery of brain function and motor function.

Assist in evaluating the effect of TMS in promoting the regeneration of neuronal cells in children with brain injury and the development of neuronal cells in brain tissue.

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