TMS 3D Navigation System

TMS 3D Navigation System

Yingchi TMS 3D navigation system adopts high-precision infrared optical capture technology, which can track and locate the transcranial magnetic stimulation coil with millimeter-level accuracy, and visualize the stimulation focus magnetic field on the anatomical image of the personalized brain. The positioning of the navigation system is intuitive and easy to use, which will help you quickly and successfully complete the key operations of TMS target positioning, thereby greatly improving the effect and efficiency of magnetic stimulation.

Product Characteristics

Support Common and Individual Head Models
Common head model: the base software includes a standard MNI average head model, which satisfies TMS navigation of normal individuals with simple calibration procedure.
Individual head model: it can import personal MRI images, support standard DICOM, NIFTI formats, the software will automatically calculate and reconstruct the 3D model of the individual head to achieve more accurate positioning.

Quick Calibration of Coils and Head Models
Use the pointer tool to select the position of the fixed reference point of the head and the reference point marked on the coil in turn to complete the coil calibration and head model configuration.
Visual editing tools to display stimulus target in 3D, set transparency.
3D calibration for fast and easy proofreading.

Present of the Stimulus Target in 3D
Visualization of stimulus target, support color page in 3D scene to display stimulation target area,  in order to highlight it to distinguish it from other brain areas.

Support Common and Individua/Quickly Calibrate Coils and Head Models

Positioning Accuracy and Repeatability
Accuracy: Supports a variety of tools for selecting stimulation targets, which can set stimulation targets according to brain functional areas, also can record and add current stimulation targets, and automatically set the relevant optimal coil positions.
Repeatability:The target information and coil position information of the latest stimulation can be saved, and the coil can be quickly repositioned according to the saved information in the subsequent treatment and research to ensure that the coil is in the same direction and angle as the previous stimulation, and the positioning error of the stimulation target does not exceed 0.25mm.

Positioning Accuracy and Repeatability

High Efficiency and Compatibility

Single point calibration time < 20s
Personal head model import (reconstruction) time < 5min
Common head mold import time < 5s
Compatible with a variety of stimulators: In addition to supporting Yingchi stimulators, it also supports multiple brands and types of third-party magnetic stimulators on the market.
Compatible with MEP module: Compatible with Yingchi MEP module, once the patient is stimulated, the indication of MEP response ability will appear on the stimulation point. All results are superimposed on 3D MRI images for better brain mapping.

High Efficiency and Compatibility

Support Custom Brain Functional Areas
Brain functional area mark: The brain functional area map has been integrated, and can also be customized.
TMS target memory: the system can automatically save the stimulation target and coil position information, and can assist in repositioning when re-treatment.

Stimulation With 2 Coils
Support simulation tracking, navigation and managing paired pulse stimulation with two coils at the same time.

Support Custom Brain Functional Areas

Off-target Warning
The navigation system can display and record the three-dimensional coordinates of the stimulation coil, the distance from the cerebral cortex, the angle of the coil, etc. When the stimulation coil deviates from the preset stimulation target, the system will give an early warning through a pop-up window and sound.

Off-target Warning/Automatic Tracking

Application Fields

  • Assist in the precision treatment of various psychiatric and neurological diseases
  • Assist in the diagnosis of central and peripheral nervous system function
  • Assist in the cerebral cortex excitability study
  • Assist in the neuroscience and Certified Psychology Research
  • Assist in the movement and Language Rehabilitation
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